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Χρηματοδότηση Εξοικονόμησης Ενέργειας για Κτίρια που φιλοξενούν Ευάλωτες Ομάδες Πολιτών

Get ready for a groundbreaking EUClimatePact event attached to the event hosted by TIMA Charitable Foundation and INZEB on December 8, 2023, in Athens, Greece! We’ll shine a light on buildings’ resilience and sustainable living environments and discuss the need for tailored financingschemes to empower nonprofit organisations, dealing with vulnerable citizen groups.

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Survey on next generation EPCs

The Horizon-funded crossCert project is currently investigating the design of next-generation EPCs across Europe and we want to hear from different users about their experiences with EPCs and thoughts about where these might go in the future. To do this, we have made a short survey (<10min) for users to fill in. We are interested in hearing from a…

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