Increasing Energy Efficiency Investment Rates in Greece: From Theory to Practice

DateThursday 25 November 2021 | Time: 14.00 – 16.30 EET

The event consists of 2 sessions as described below: session1: Training and session 2: roundtable.


Mainstreaming of energy efficiency (EE) is the most feasible solution to maintain increased levels of economic and social activities while being a more sustainable and less energy demanding society. The lack of evidence on the performance of EE projects, as well as standardised procedures and Tools may halt the EE investments implementation.

The aim of the training session is to boost EE investments by presenting web-based Tools developed within the framework of the H2020 funded project Triple-A, that evaluate and benchmark project ideas, connecting them with real financing proposals. This is realised through standardised procedures, establishing a concrete typology of EE sectors and possible measures, risk assessment, and benchmarking through broadly used economic criteria, verified sustainability indicators, and approved scientific methodologies.

The event is a practical testing of the Standardised Triple-A Tools and the Database on Energy Efficiency Financing in order to validate their use and results and discuss their aspects with relevant stakeholders through a live interactive session. The Triple-A Tools and Database may provide added value to the respective stakeholders, building trust between EE investors and projects developers.



The demand for energy efficiency investments in buildings, infrastructure and businesses is increasing, as a result of the overarching EU goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. There are interrelated barriers including market, financial, institutional, technical, and motivational that make investors remain sceptical due to a number of risks and uncertainties, which hinder the implementation of energy efficiency project ideas. These risks and uncertainties include – among others – the lack of appropriate financing vehicles, the lack of knowledge and expertise, regulatory risks, high initial investment costs, and long payback periods depending on the projects’ nature.

Within this context, the H2020 funded projects Triple-A and SMAFIN are jointly organising a 75’ roundtable discussion with national field experts aiming to identify the ways to overcome the barriers and minimise the risks to increase the investment rates for energy efficiency projects in Greece. In addition, the national policies and available financial private and public funding schemes will be examined, and enhancement proposals will be evaluated and discussed.

The event is realised with the support of Build Back Better Greece initiative and it will be in Greek.

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