The Concept

The three-year European project SMAFIN, which commenced on 1 September 2020, within the framework of Horizon 2020, has as its primary goal the constructive connection of smart financing with energy efficiency projects involving stakeholders from government, financial, enterprise and academic sectors.
The concept of SMAFIN relies on the creation of permanent discussion forums on energy efficiency investment topics in buildings, infrastructure, industry and SMEs in order to advance cross fertilisation between key stakeholders.
The formation of the forums will contribute to setting up the prosperous ground for constructive dialogue, upscaling existing best practices at national and European level and further developing energy policy measures with a focus on the creation of new market initiatives.
Having as a reference point the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEIF), SMAFIN’s project activity is to create a complete roundtable methodology and implement it in the four participating countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania.
SMAFIN will organise in each participating country, 3 national roundtables focused on energy efficiency investments and 6 working group meetings during the project’s life span. Each year, the first meeting of the Working Group will precede the national roundtable discussion to set the framework and prepare the work for the national meeting, and the next will be immediately afterwards to assess the conclusions and results of the national roundtable and to set the framework for the following one.
Furthermore, SMAFIN will develop an online facilitating platform to maintain the e- Forum in the long run.